Takeoff and Landing Training

Takeoff and Landing Practice

Learning to fly involves lots of practice, and nothing is more fundamental to one’s airmanship than landings and takeoffs, in that order (IMHO). I am learning to fly out of KSMO, Santa Monica Airport, but since they charge a landing fee ($6/landing), we do takeoff/landing/pattern practice at Hawthorne (KHHR), just on the other side of LAX.  Crossing LAX is a whole other story! Here is the path we took heading South through the VFR Mini Route over LAX, at 2,500′ MSL.


Once down at KHHR, we ran through the pattern five times, learning to line up on the runway and transition through the ground effect layer.  I was running Cloud Ahoy to record my progress, and here is my pattern practice, as presented by Cloud Ahoy:



The full path of the flight is shown here:


I am very impressed with Cloud Ahoy – was running it on my iPhone 6+ which was tucked into a map pocket in the fuse. Overall, the GPS data I got looked pretty good – there were definitely data fluctuations, but overall I’d call it a success. Cloud Ahoy gets a thumbs up in my book!

Here is the video of the flight, up to the point when we turned around to head home through the special VFR route above LAX, at 4,500′. This was all due to the cloud layer coming down to 1,000′.


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