FAA Student Study Guides

FAA Student Study Guides

Your tax dollars have helped created lots of helpful materials for you to learn to fly and pass the FAA exams.  Here are some notable links I found online via Google (Its up to you to confirm that these are the latest versions. They are as of this upload.):






Time to study!

Rod Machado’s series of books are usually recommended, but his books tend to try to make corny jokes along the way and, surprisingly, over-complicate some things unnecessarily, imho.   His books are an easier to digest experience, overall, especially if reading FARs right from the FAA publication will put you to sleep. Here are some of his guides:

Sport Pilot

Private Pilot Handbook

Instrument Pilot Handbook

You will also need to buy a copy of the FAR/AIM, the official FAA publication of the rules and regulations governing flight in the United States. Here it is.

Finally, you will need some real motivation to go flying! I’ve seen lots of videos about flying, but the one that I found to be the most inspirational is by a young pilot who got his Private Certificate at a very young age, just a few years ago:

Now, go out there and have a blast flying!


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