Another Lesson in Takeoffs and Landings

Another Lesson in Takeoffs and Landings

After 6.7 hours of dual time I have another lesson in takeoffs and landings at the Hawthorne (KHHR). This time I will be doing all my radio communications as we leave Santa Monica (KSMO) and enter LAX Bravo airspace to cross over to the Hawthorne side.

I noticed an improvement in my pattern work (see CloudAhoy path below) – this time I flew with less involvement of my instructor and called my pattern turn on my own, with the exception of one turn that I was going to make a bit early – from downwind to base – lost track of the ground references and became too eager to turn toward the runway. ┬áLining up on final, I feel I improved, and AJ only interrupted a couple of times when I got off the centerline and needed help. One thing I need a lot more practice at is properly lining up on the runway – mainly accounting for the fact that my seat is left of the centerline. The correct way is to feel the movement of the plane in relation to the runway, not doing it strictly visually, and that is what gives me some trouble. More practice is in order and coming up shortly!




My CFI AJ and I took the Special VFR route over LAX on the way out and the LAX Mini Route on the way back.  Here is the full path we took, courtesy of CloudAhoy.


And here is the full video of the flight (until the battery died, that is!), including the mini route and special rules vfr crossing.